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We went Live on IG @herenterprise to record our Season 2 end review!Join us as we review what we loved about our second season and how we are doing after our individual mastermind and answer listener questions!We will be taking a pause after this episode and seeking ways to monetize our efforts- Let us know how you have enjoyed the show @herenterprise or herenterprisewomen@gmail.comVisit us at http://www.her-enterprise.comYou can sign up to Melissa Free Webinar, connected to find out more about sponsorship opportunities as well as coaching opportunities. Let us know what you want to hear!
  1. 023 Season 2 review!
  2. 022 Health Insurance Options with Joanna Phipps
  3. 021 Video Uses in your Business #videochallenge #herenterpRISE
  4. 020 Resistance & Relationships
  5. 019 Mastermind Breakthrough! Work with us!

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