Are you a woman in business?  Have you struggled to find sustainability in your work and home life?  Have you ever wished there was someone to show you the ropes or bounce ideas off of? Are you thinking of giving up and just getting a regular JOB? Or feel trapped in the current economy? And now you’ve got to get creative and need a community to find solutions? 

If that’s you, welcome!  

In early 2019, Kelly, Nicole, and Melissa met and connected through a need to share business ideas and create accountability.  Our accountability conversations became a lifeline, professionally and personally.  Through them we became friends and partners supporting one another to see our biggest dreams realized.  

We created Her EnterpRISE to build community and connection with other enterprising women.  By sharing our experiences (successes, struggles and even our secrets), in life and business, we can help each other flourish and RISE.

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Here’s who we are:


I’m Melissa Neacato,

I believe women say yes to much to everyone else’s expectations. Say it with me I matter. If you feel like you are wasting too much time on things that don’t bring you the results you want. I’m here to help. Less is more.Instead of asking what else can you add , I help ask what you can take away. What can you let go off that is no longer working. 

As a highly educated mechanical engineer by degree, lean engineer by practice, I have the experience to help bring and create the results you want. As a minimalist and Zero waster, I look to keep things simple and straightforward, no unnecessary steps here. I let my values and the data  guide my decisions. I share my ideas over at Travelingwallet.com

If you are tired of feeling like you are walked all over by everyone else’s demands I’m good at saying no,  I’ll help you Stand up and ask for what you want, no meek wilting flowers, instead the whole bold beautiful rose, prickly thorns and all.

Connect with me on IG @travelingwalletroamer


Hi! I’m Kelly,

I am passionate about enterprise and its ability to alleviate poverty and create wealth. I am all about limiting barriers to entry so that anyone willing to try can have a chance at success- creating the lifestyle they want and creating wealth for themselves, their families and their communities. 

 I own a brick and mortar business called St Brigids Craniosacral therapy Center. I’ve been in formal enterprise since 2009 (-I was a birth Doula before pivoting into CST so I reference birth often…) I have loved every challenging and blissful minute of being an entrepreneur

You can find more content from me over at Copper Ripple where I share more of my ideas on enterprise and lessons I’ve learned about finance.


Hey! I’m Nicole Santiago,

an ADHD coach, author, educator and mental wellness champion. I believe our past educational experiences shape our beliefs in our ability to learn and perform. To that end, I help ADHD children and adults leverage and honor the gifts of their mind and re-frame disability as extraordinary ability.

With tools like ADHD coaching, gut health education, and holistic solutions for lack of focus, sleeplessness and digestive troubles, I take clients from “alright” to positively thriving.  My goal is to increase my clients’ mental wellness and overall performance. My 3 books on solutions for ADHD families is available: amazon.com/author/nicolesantiago

Learn more about me on IG @familyADDventures or FamilyADDventures.com

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